Building Restoration

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One of the major services that we provide is building restoration. During the restoration process, the building is restored to the appearance of it’s original quality. Preservation involves maintaining the integrity of the structure through protecting and restoring both old and new materials.

If your building’s exterior is composed of granite, sandstone or various marble, there’s a chance that the stone has loss shine due to aging and even environmental factors. When a building is preserved, extra costs such as construction; which involves tearing down and rebuilding, are eliminated.

The process of restoring a building involves four different categories based on the type of building: preservation, rehabilitation, restoration, or reconstruction. Preservation involves an attempt to prevent physical deterioration of the building while not removing the natural effects of age that have given it an added sense of character. New materials are not added to the building, it is not repainted, and efforts are simply made to ensure that it lasts longer than originally designed. This can include protecting it from natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and fires in unobtrusive ways that don’t alter its basic appearance.

The three Rs of building restoration — rehabilitation, restoration, and reconstruction — are all more labor intensive, yet still distinct from one another. Rehabilitation allows for alteration to the basic structure with current building materials so that it can continue to be useful for modern-day purposes. Every attempt is made, to preserve the original look of the building. Restoration is the pure process of maintaining a building in its original form with only original materials to do so, and may involve removing modern-day materials from the building that were previously added to shore it up. Reconstruction involves repairing buildings that have collapsed or been damaged by storms, and allows for new construction materials as long as they closely resemble the original ones used to build the structure.

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